Saturday, July 23, 2011

Camp and internet

So i went to cam last week, and i enjoy it a lot. i have to say some other moment i felt down; i was like i should not be here. My team was the green team "The Green Lantern." We liked the name and out of six we made the fifth position. i have to say i learned a lot from humility and also from leadership. i am too nice sometimes and i have to make myself respect a little more, but it is too hard just to put a strong voice and do not sound mean. i will learn to have a balance. By the way i learn also that i can rock my green suspenders. Nice!
i was very sad that i was not able to give some points to my team till i got second place on pool belly flop. The other competition of mud pit belly flop went all wring but funny. i did a skip of water with my body got the six place but at least i did something impressive, thanks Lord.
The service of during the night were amazing now, that i have internet i will try to make some notes in here of them and put the pictures of my department hopefully next week.
This is the report i have to say so far. Thanks for reading and keeping contact.

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