Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Work and Love

Today at work i saw many persons. i worked for long time and time to time i realized that some people remind me of the-person-i-like-too-much-this-part-of-my-life. i hate it! i was at the bus and i saw a similar charasteristic and i almost cry because i miss that sinificant one.i think i should have not steped down in love, but i always think that i will no do good. i think people will get bored of me very quickly and i have no option for that i do not want to risk it at all.
i want to be safe in my heart. After i hurt so many persons, i came to the conclusion i do not like getting hurt either.
It hurts when you are alone in no body sees that; it hurts when you laugh on the outside but tears are like cold dagger in your throat; it hurts to see others seeing thier spring in life and you think autum is leaving your heart.
i miss hugging, i miss loving and being love in a romantic way.
Sad story, i did not have to step down i could have fight. i just did not want to... i was afraid like always i am.
The cry in my heart will be known only to One.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Desclosure Time my Love Life Story.

Okay so here it is! The juci story of my love life. Long story short. i hurt people. yes i did hurt people and i hurt all my six significant ones. i feel ashamed for doing that and i hope that one day if i get to know a significan one i might get all the  pain that i cause back to me. i do not want to hurt someone at all. i do not want to make someone cry due to my stupidity.But now it is me the one who does not know what to do. Feeling in love again is weird. i like this person but i do not know what to do. The Ex has come back and our "situation" is on hold for long as my significant one takes a desition. To add to this each one of us has a very busy life and do not quite have a lot of time to spend thinking about this.
Some part of me want to dissapear from the picture but not sure if i should. Long time i have not fight for someone, and the last time i fought the person just left my life in a very quiet way. i have to clap to that person. i can wait but my life will keep going going goin...
This significant one is worth the wait. i will wait but my life will not stop...  it will not stop for my significant one.
Love life is so complicated, sometimes i think i went back to high school...
Fudge my life... or throw some pudding...
a chocolate cookie would not be bad now...

Supernaturalist by Eoin Colfer

Future World a city governed by a satelite and many new creatures due to their addaptation to this new environment. Cosmo, the main character, has to survive. No body knows where he comes from and who their parents are, similar to Jack Blank from The Accidental Hero, but without any supper human abilities. Cosmo ecape form the Orphanage that held him prisioner for so many years. The escape came with very high difficulties and his life is in danger. Here is where the Supernaturalist come to the resque. The situation is Cosmo is deadly injured and if it was not for the help of a Bartoli Baby he would have died. Before he is knocked down he sees a blue creature that comes to his aid? or it is a foe? Double twisting story and lies that strenght or can brake friendships live in this book that will just blow our mind.
You like futuristics but no supper power i recomend this book.
There is one way to know if one might like it, give it a chance.

Skin by Adrienne Maria Vrettos

Skin tells the sotry of a boy who lives in a very disfunctional familly. From the begining, the narator tells the sotry and you can tell that somethings is going wrong in this family. Divorce, survival, anorexics, lies, broken friendships. All is narrated from the poin of view of the main character which i forgot the name.
The development of the main characters is created and fights the normal and real problems of the family in this society. Divorce, lack of communication and parental roles, and interaction with the kids. No forget the high school and acceptance.
Where can you run if you do not feel accepted by your family and in high school everyone is ignoring you?
Related from the youngest male's, in the family, perspective. Skin tells you what really people think under their skins.

The Accidental Hero by Matt Myklusch.

With a combination of superheroes and mages, electrical machines and a very twisting story Matt introduces the Imagine Nation. The country where all that is supernatural is created. The main character Jack Blank is founded orphaned and taked care of untill the day a robot shows up to kill him and is rescued by someone from the Imagine Nation. The plots its form as soon as Jack hit the ground in this country. Many super Heroes and, again, a twisting story that will keep you involved and looking for the next volume... coming out soon.
Totally recomended.
Character development is greatful, from Jack Black to the antagonist, and the secondary characters every one is presented except their secrets so it pushed you to desire to know more and more.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

These books  are awesoem soon to be made movie. i read these books because it was my Christmas gife to myself. i read them this summer and i like it a lot.
Main character Katniss lives in a future U.S. that is called Panem controlled by the main city The Capitol which controls the other 12 districs. The Capitol controls everything of these 12 districs. It creates a game to show it power. The game fire back when the main character plays at the end starting without wanting a revolution. Who shall she please Capitol or Rebels? What happened at the end of the revolution???
These were the questions that i keep asking myslef with these books. Collins does exelent job about the story givin twist after twist. One might think the story goes slow but you will not realize when it all happened and boom! War is at hand.
Good character develpment, and creativity abund in many ways.
Sad and Happy Stories... well one way to know if one would like it...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Angry grrr

So i am angry at myself for the stupidity that dwells in me... how come did i let myself get to this point?
How come i let myself get so upset with all these behavior? Waaaa very angry at myself. i get a little upset with people, but i do always get angry at myself. There is no reason to use the Baker act; okay.
i am going to wash the dishes see if something fades away...
funny never thought Starbucks could last so long.
i finished with the dishes. It looks like it gave me more time to think... not good sometimes...
aahh i might overheat the hard drive... lol.!!!
okay folcks take care and soon, you will hear from me...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


i have not been lost just out of internet, doing some GRE practice and some other videogames and TV's shows like Case Closed. That is so far. i have been doing good in my GRE practice, but i think that my English records need some improvement.
Living here with room mates we have fun stuff to do and sometimes it is not funny. Things sometimes i feel like an outsider.
Yes, it is bad that or not??
This are my friends and love them. i recognized i do get upset ad do not talk much about it.
i wish we could be closer, but like my wise old man said, bulbas are stronger than friendships.
That makes me sad, we were supposed to have taco nights, but planes changed. all because of an XX.
well that is all for today see ya in a few more days.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

brik and memories, nine ten-plus-one

nothing much to say but this=

i like the last one, more than the others.

Not to be Proud... but i am happy with this

My bookshelf and i liked it a lot, just got it put my books and realized it was full already lol!!!! i love to read... well that is for this post... i will miss Borders.....

This was my fourth of July...pre celebration

Yes it was like fourth of July a few weeeeeeks ago. but if you guys rembember i was not able to post due to lack of internet and because i was soo stressed with the housing thing.[btw my frien just told me what book to read happy.] and also my computer broke-ish. Virus. i whish for a mac but there is no president who can accompaing me to do it and the few benjamins are going to rent and electricity.So here is the picture of a few of the fireworks my friends ignited.

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Novel, not real life! Just need to know that before you read this National Book Award Finalist. Not vampires, and not werewolves, not firies that can create your dream night. Just High school. Well, it has a "greek god" that is kind of Apollo looking, with a mentality of Eros and Thanatos, yes if you know greek "culture" you know what i mean. Something happens, a phone call [911] is made, party is over, high school start, no popularity, bad grades, nightmare comes in, firends flee, friend come back, friend is kicked out, low grades, a rack changes everything, biology, art, and mirror.
i have to say by the 3/4 of the book i had hated the main character, but love his friend, after that it wen backwards. i love Melinda. by the end and i was glad she finally "speak." No she was not mute.
i recomend it if someone wants to get out of magic books, medieval stage, vampires, and hot looking guys and girl the can tore the whole sky with just looks. humanized book that will back slap as i wanted to backslap Me-no-Linda.

Guardians of Ga'Hoole Collection [Books: 1-3] by Kathryn Lasky [Borders Exclusive]

It's is a movie now, these three books out of the fifteen that compose the seires. The movie follows the mains stem of the books but still the movie goes too fast realted to the books.
Soren is the owl that got snatched by St. Aeggis school of orphans. Note he got snatched from his parents nest. So was he really an orphan? He actually knows the answer. Well by the second book or the third one is known to him that he is an orphan.
Soren escape from St. Aeggis with a friend Gilfie, another owl. There are more animals in the book, besides owls, there are rats and vole which is actually food, mice also food. Seagull those appear a few time. Well Soren and Gilfie believe in the Legends of the Guardians. They try to find it. Make friendship with Twilight and Digger. Two more Owls!!
Made it to the three and study. Teacher missing and a new threat is find besided St Aeggis plot. Nicely done i will have to read the other eleven eventually, but other books to read besides Owls.

Good book: plot was developed slow but it catches you very fast. The development of the character is good and at the begining of the chapters there is sort of introductions per important character. Two sentence introduction at most so people can remember or get familiar with the characters. If you want to step out of magis stories that have to deal with humans or antropomorph creatures. I recomend this book.