Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guardians of Ga'Hoole Collection [Books: 1-3] by Kathryn Lasky [Borders Exclusive]

It's is a movie now, these three books out of the fifteen that compose the seires. The movie follows the mains stem of the books but still the movie goes too fast realted to the books.
Soren is the owl that got snatched by St. Aeggis school of orphans. Note he got snatched from his parents nest. So was he really an orphan? He actually knows the answer. Well by the second book or the third one is known to him that he is an orphan.
Soren escape from St. Aeggis with a friend Gilfie, another owl. There are more animals in the book, besides owls, there are rats and vole which is actually food, mice also food. Seagull those appear a few time. Well Soren and Gilfie believe in the Legends of the Guardians. They try to find it. Make friendship with Twilight and Digger. Two more Owls!!
Made it to the three and study. Teacher missing and a new threat is find besided St Aeggis plot. Nicely done i will have to read the other eleven eventually, but other books to read besides Owls.

Good book: plot was developed slow but it catches you very fast. The development of the character is good and at the begining of the chapters there is sort of introductions per important character. Two sentence introduction at most so people can remember or get familiar with the characters. If you want to step out of magis stories that have to deal with humans or antropomorph creatures. I recomend this book.

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