Sunday, September 18, 2011

What happened to those Old Romance?

Centuri XXI and a lot things have happened that have changed the world: for good and for bad.
Techonology has increased changing everything but my point here what has happened to the old romance. Yeah! to the old school romance. Where everything was about alking or walking down the street. Where, one has to run over fences just to get to see the person who wanted to see. About dating and being brave enough to ask for a moment of solitude between two people.
What is is weird just to ask for a date and not have sex, can people just ask and not playing games. Is there any truth in having a relationship?
The thing is i also have to be brave and go and ask. i sincerely fear the future. i do not wish to hurt other people. i do not wish to make someone mad. This is one of my biggest fear that i will hurt someone and i will not get forgiven for that. i see myself as a time bomb and i do not want to hurt people.
Again back to the topic. Why now that we have all such media-skill to do things faster and easier it is hard to find a relationship and even harder to create one and sustain it.
i was watching a move and made me think of this when one of the characters said:
"What happened to the old fashion romance like the dogs and the spagetti?"
if you do not know what is being reffered here, i will show you a video clip:

Also isn't there a lot of romane in another movies that mark my childhood and now i am looking for something like this. This is my last example and i have to leave because i will start crying if i keep writting this much.

See one night i had a dream of this, movie i was Aladin and i was with my princess. Well i am still single and one day i will be on a date eating spagettis, giving flowers and paying for the bill. i might not sing...

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