Saturday, October 1, 2011


Okay, so here i am feeling lonely again, this look like a normal topic. It is a habit. Well, thing is i just realized why i am feeling like this. i asked it myself. i asked God if He will do anything even if it hurts me to come closer to Him. Well this hurt too much... which means it will bring me closer to Him.
True i wished my friends will come and ask or realized sooner how i felt, but it was because i asked for it. So i can get closer to my loved one, closer to my God, and Savior.
i wrote it down, and know i am going thru that proses. i am happy that God was faithful to lead me in that direction. A friend told me there was nothing that one can do for this. Well, i know there is someone who actually can do something for this situation.
He showed up, helped me and make me realized that it was because i  asked for it.

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