Monday, May 30, 2011

Between You, seven boxes of tissue and i

i hate the fact that i am too moody. Now i am in a mood that i cannot express or quiet grasp well. i hate this feeling and i want You to take it out of me. i want you to take it out of my chest. It is agony, pain, tears. Please, i want to give up. It is hard to cultivate friendships and i am giving up on all of them. If they grow good for them; if they witter let it be my fault and let them walk. i am tired of trying to figuring myself out or in. i am tired of committing the same mistakes again. please, change my moodiness, and every time i will miss somebody fill my heart with more of you. maybe there is my mistake. i can miss people and that will not upset You. what do you want. Just do it, quickly because it hurts. i know Your son took my place dying for me. i love Your son so much. Thanks to Him i was able to meet You. Now You send me the Greatest of the Counselors. Here i am please comfort me. i am very tired. Just want some quiet time, with no feelings, not mind. Just with the opposite of what this blog name is after. it hurts so bad. why!? do i have to be this moody and complicated? Can You help me to take it easy? to just chill out. Always worrying an finding comfort in other when i have to look for it in Your presence. Are You reading? HELP ME. i do not want to loose another friendship, or make it break. i do not know how to be a friend in here or anywhere else. Why did You brought me, what is the purpose? Make me more stable, please. please. It hurts so bad to not understand myself. You created me. Please Explain myself to me!!! What is in my that make me be like this? Change me please, that this silent tears falling down in the floor, scratch my checks.
Together but not mixed; that is how i fell sometimes. i am there but not feel connected. Please...
i want nobody but You to hug me.
i want nobody but You to dry my face when it has tears.
i want nobody but Your heath feel warming me up.
i want nobody but You to give me those answers.
PLEASE!!! show Yourself to my life, that once again i am dying.

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