Monday, May 30, 2011

Culture Difference

Many things i compare between the two cultures i live with. The one i was raised and the one i live in now. It's hard to just change everything in the blink of an eye. It's hard to just forget one day of your own culture; the one you have been living for so long, and all about that culture, if not most, make sense. i came here and realize of many differences; i learned to accepted in a very harsh way it wasn't easy. i feel that many of my friendships were going through rough spots, but i decide to speak it off. i decided to talk it off and never get i turn down. i always got an explanation. I like the explanation and i am happy to learn other norms.
i am learning slow, but learning. changing in a good way. laughing with out being self-conscious. Living a life that will improve each time and each day.
i celebrate the differences of cultures and i enjoy learning to see from a different point of view; i said it is going to be hard.
i heard in a movie once, actually a preview [i am paraphrasing]: "i don't care if it is hard. i need possible."
Same thing i expect from life.

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