Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is He or Isn't He? by John Hall

This is the only one gay novel i had ever read and i find it hilarious. Story goes like this: new year in school means new Guy in the school, too. New Guy: good looking, athletic built, tall, curly eyebrow lenght hair, and got money. Even though the money part does not important since the main characters have it all.
Three students are hooked up with this New Guy (NG). Two guys (M; T) and a girl (P; Paige?). Do not recall the names, but the letter will work. P and M are very good friends. T is our antagonist, and the person who introduces NG. During the whole year the try to figure out NG "significant one" type. M and NG have physical education together. P and NG have English together. They use desperate tactics to find it out. At the end. they learn NG, straight, feels nothing for P. Which was obvious since it's a gay novel. No one gets the hot new guy. The end is very drastic and M and P end with a relationship that they did not expected to have. T, he disappear at the 3/4 of the book... i think...
Hilarious, just to read about rich teenagers to see what they would do.
i have to say P personality i like it much, and well she rocked my world in the story. wish she really existed...

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