Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Novel, not real life! Just need to know that before you read this National Book Award Finalist. Not vampires, and not werewolves, not firies that can create your dream night. Just High school. Well, it has a "greek god" that is kind of Apollo looking, with a mentality of Eros and Thanatos, yes if you know greek "culture" you know what i mean. Something happens, a phone call [911] is made, party is over, high school start, no popularity, bad grades, nightmare comes in, firends flee, friend come back, friend is kicked out, low grades, a rack changes everything, biology, art, and mirror.
i have to say by the 3/4 of the book i had hated the main character, but love his friend, after that it wen backwards. i love Melinda. by the end and i was glad she finally "speak." No she was not mute.
i recomend it if someone wants to get out of magic books, medieval stage, vampires, and hot looking guys and girl the can tore the whole sky with just looks. humanized book that will back slap as i wanted to backslap Me-no-Linda.

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