Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Work and Love

Today at work i saw many persons. i worked for long time and time to time i realized that some people remind me of the-person-i-like-too-much-this-part-of-my-life. i hate it! i was at the bus and i saw a similar charasteristic and i almost cry because i miss that sinificant one.i think i should have not steped down in love, but i always think that i will no do good. i think people will get bored of me very quickly and i have no option for that i do not want to risk it at all.
i want to be safe in my heart. After i hurt so many persons, i came to the conclusion i do not like getting hurt either.
It hurts when you are alone in no body sees that; it hurts when you laugh on the outside but tears are like cold dagger in your throat; it hurts to see others seeing thier spring in life and you think autum is leaving your heart.
i miss hugging, i miss loving and being love in a romantic way.
Sad story, i did not have to step down i could have fight. i just did not want to... i was afraid like always i am.
The cry in my heart will be known only to One.

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