Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

These books  are awesoem soon to be made movie. i read these books because it was my Christmas gife to myself. i read them this summer and i like it a lot.
Main character Katniss lives in a future U.S. that is called Panem controlled by the main city The Capitol which controls the other 12 districs. The Capitol controls everything of these 12 districs. It creates a game to show it power. The game fire back when the main character plays at the end starting without wanting a revolution. Who shall she please Capitol or Rebels? What happened at the end of the revolution???
These were the questions that i keep asking myslef with these books. Collins does exelent job about the story givin twist after twist. One might think the story goes slow but you will not realize when it all happened and boom! War is at hand.
Good character develpment, and creativity abund in many ways.
Sad and Happy Stories... well one way to know if one would like it...

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