Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Supernaturalist by Eoin Colfer

Future World a city governed by a satelite and many new creatures due to their addaptation to this new environment. Cosmo, the main character, has to survive. No body knows where he comes from and who their parents are, similar to Jack Blank from The Accidental Hero, but without any supper human abilities. Cosmo ecape form the Orphanage that held him prisioner for so many years. The escape came with very high difficulties and his life is in danger. Here is where the Supernaturalist come to the resque. The situation is Cosmo is deadly injured and if it was not for the help of a Bartoli Baby he would have died. Before he is knocked down he sees a blue creature that comes to his aid? or it is a foe? Double twisting story and lies that strenght or can brake friendships live in this book that will just blow our mind.
You like futuristics but no supper power i recomend this book.
There is one way to know if one might like it, give it a chance.

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