Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beach Day

So, yesterday i was bored and did not have planes for today. i sent a few messages to two of my friend of which one responded almost immediately the other one did not respond until three a.m. in the morning.
My friend invited me to the beach, so i went with her. She was leaving at six a.m. So i have to leave the house at like five fifteen a.m.
i did it, thanks to my friend who answered me early that night (? day may be).
i was on my way and she text-ed me saying that there might be some rain. i went a little down, but she said she was still going. i was happy. We made it there at eight thirty a.m. the other thirty minutes spent at a McDonald's that did not posses power. Its power shut down as soon as my friend started ordering at the drive through.
Funny thing, and sad, the cashier was using a calculator and was not able to get the tax in the payment. how much technology can dumb us.
Wah!! i am using technology to write this thing... how sad. i try it not to dumb me down.
Once in the beach we just swim and play inside water volley ball; yes we play hardcore water games.
i was already tan so i decided not to wear sunscreen because i am Latino.
Well, i got red ahahah very red, but still a cool Latino red.
By four, she realized there was going to be a thunders storm, rain, and all that can be on a sunny day at the beach. we headed back, other friends stayed a little too long (days).

On our way back home, the thunderstorm attacked us. The clouds looked so pretty that here i put some more pics of that thunderstorm.

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