Thursday, June 9, 2011

One Way Road, Two Way Road?

Friendship is a word i consider sometimes over use. There is a lot of people i introduce or call friend, but they are just acquaintances. i normally call someone friend if i think that person consider me as a friend and i do not want to hurt them. i recognize i have not been honest to them.
i also categorize my friends and i do not like to mix them much. Church friend, Classmate friends, Work friends, Outside-these-three-groups friends, Chilean friends, and etc friends.
i wanted to write this not mostly to remember myself of the word i once have with me. Yes, i talk to me a lot.; probably if i am not talking to somebody i am talking to me.
Friendship i do consider it a one way road. Reason is because a lot of people tell me that i need to call people friend those who behave well to me. i actually disagree with that thought. i had many friendships and some are weak now, some are getting stronger, some are distant and other are just cold and straight to the point. From some friendships i do learn on other cases i teach in the friendships. It all depends on the situation.
i chose one day to behave as a friend to those who i consider friend, even though; people might not consider me a friend. i am the one who choose to call you friend therefore i am the one who has to behave like a friend. i will never behave as a friend from the moment you choose to call me your friend.
You might think that i am wrong in this thought because if i do not consider you my friend i would be have unfriendly?
Well, not. Because, since the moment we cross a few words i have already chose to call you my friend. It might be a friendship that is going to fast, but i never ask for a friendship to be a two ways road. i have chosen this option because i was call to love, other people as i love myself. i have been called to do good as i can do with all myself. i was taught to go the extra kilometer. i was taught to smile and offer a hand even though i know it will be refused. i was call to be there for whomever needed because there was someone who did this to me first. This comes out of my heart because i saw it from somebody.
He was there every time i need Him; He offered His hands many time and for many times i refuse them. He was always good protected my even though i did not choose to go with Him. i went to places i did not like He was there to be with me.
i learned it from Him.

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