Friday, June 10, 2011

Forgotten God by Francis Chan

There are not a lot of Christian books i have read. Reason is because they normally get too technical or just too simple. i got this one as a graduation gift from a friend when i got my AA.
It took me a lot to get and read it.
i did and finished just this past Monday.
Forgotten God is a book that rocked my foundations about the Holy Spirit; it helped me to realize that He is more real and more essential to my life as a Christian. i cannot be a good Christian or even live like one if it wasn't for Him. Based in the book of Acts and some verses from Galatians, and other from the New and old Testament, Forgotten God is not a deep theological book, but it posses the basic knowledge that sometimes we over read about Him. i, now, recognize Him in everything He does. i still try to obey Him and not offend Him with my sins. it challenge my relationship with Him, the Holy Spirit. Recognize He is within me. i am with God always not because He is omnipresent but because He is within me.
i recommend this book with a ten out of five stars.

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