Saturday, June 18, 2011


Sorry, i have not posted because i have not yet gotten a few stories to talk about it.
Here i am, back; the other day at work we were playing with the skeleton, Henrieta, and we make her pose for this picture. after that she was blushing! did not know that skeletons can blush, even skeletons made of plastic.
Well, i have to say Henrieta is very shy, she does not talk much. But with no vocal cords and lungs i think she should not be able to talk, counting that she is missing her brain too. But well, aren't all of them missing it?
Something that Henrieta does have is a sense of humor. He she was laughing at someone at work.
She is so funny. Okay, Henrieta i finally talk about you on my blog.
You're famous.
Way to go girl.

Disclaimer: i do not know who the heck that dude is; Henrieta knows him (she calls him sweetie). i know Henrieta is a plastic skeleton, and not a human starved to death and we keep the bones though that is what i thought the first time.

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