Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Measure of a Man by Gene A. Getz

This is another Christian book i have read. My church gave us [to the single men]. i star reading it and i force my self to finish because i normally start and do not finish much of the Christian books i start. This one did not required much of me to push myself. i really liked and was able to comment with other of my firends who were also reading it,
Talking about the qualities of a man, and woman also can be addressed, that are described in the book of Titus and also the books of Timothy.
The Measure of a Man showed me how far from the Mature Christian Man i am. i had only one thing left, keep pushing myself to go, to live like Christ.
Here is a list of the qualities it addresses:
  1. Overall Spiritual Maturity (well rounded man) [it does not mean fat].
  2. Above Reproach (a man of good repute)
  3. The Husband of One Wife (morally Pure) [i skip this one, the title did not catch my attention; i am single; j/k]
  4. Temperate (balanced in words and actions)
  5. Prudent (wise and humble)
  6. Respectable (good role model)
  7. Hospitable (unselfish and generous)
  8. Able to Teach (communicate sensitively in a non-threatening and non-defensive manner) [i thought coercion was the talking!]
  9. Not Addicted to Wine (not addicted to substance) [i love wine]
  10. Not Self-Willed (not self-centered and controlling) [ about controlling. . .]
  11. Not Quick-Tempered (void of anger that become sinful) [yes, angry aha]
  12. Not Pugnacious (not abusive)
  13. Gentle (sensitive, loving, and kind)
  14. Peaceable (non argumentative and non divisive)
  15. Free From the Love of Money (non materialistic) [~$. . .]
  16. Manage His own Household Well (a good husband and a father)
  17. Loving what is good. (pursues godly activities)
  18. Just (wise, discerning, non prejudiced, and fair)
  19. Devout (holy, devoted to God)
  20. Self Controlled (disciplined)
So these are the twenty characteristics of a man of God.
Strong characteristics, that not only the people from church has to see from one every Sunday Morning. Theses characteristics have to be with us at all the times, inside church, outside church, in the house, and also everywhere. To make myself clear.

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