Thursday, June 2, 2011


I want to have a relationship but i will not have it till i am mature completely. Dang, It's hard.
It is hard to have a relationship; one has to have a lot of committment; responsibilities, and free time to spend with the special one. i have a few relationships and in all of them i ended hurting people than just being hurt. i hurt myself instead of being hurt by someone else. i blame it on them but i know it was not their fault. Even with some friendships i ended hurting and ending frienships. Know, i look at their life and wonder how would they be if at the first place i did not hurt them.
i have always wanted to go back and not hurt people, but guess what... Time only moves forward and it moves fast. Once a word is say; it stay said for ever. Once a moment pass; there is not way back.
i want to not do the stupid mistakes i have done.
It looks like that will take a while. A long while; but i will keep figthing because there is a  Great Someone who Strength me every single Day.

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