Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Completely whole.

Things feel different, but i am glad that i feel a new strength coming within me. Weirdly, it is not mine. It comes from the Holy Spirit. Glad that You live here. The Holy Spirit came after Jesus when He ascended.
i have always wanted to have Jesus next to me. i knew i have the Holy Spirit next to me. Thing is, i never thought that having the Holy Spirit within me was even better than to have Jesus next to me.
It is written and Jesus said it Himself. "It is for your own Good."
i had ignored to Holy Spirit for so long, and so full of confusions, but now i am learning to listen to Him, let Him guide me day by day, having constant communion with Him. It is hard to live a life that is willing to obey Him with all the distraction that are here.
i also feel sort of ashamed that i keep finding excuses; i have the bible, the resurection of Jesus and the Counsel of the Holy Spirit. With all this, i still find it hard to live a life that pleases God?
Let see, Noah, Joseph, Moses, Methuselah or his father Enoch. They all did no t have the Bible, the Law, the death and resurection of Jesus, neither the Holy Spirit as we have acces to all of these.
They walked before God, and God's prescence was with them.
i really feel bad when i see that i just keep finding excuses to do and to not do.

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