Friday, June 10, 2011

[What] v/s {Who}

This post is related to something i have been exposed lately. i have been exposed to graduation, and i realized that a lot of people care of what they do and have done. i care of who they are, who as a person. i do not care what they have done. They could have achieved the mount Everest, found the cure for cancer and aids, run the longest marathon, memorize every word on the dictionary. i have to say it requires a lot of discipline to achieve those things, but everyone can discipline themselves.
i try to get to know them first, then to see how "good" they are. i am nobody to say who is good or who is bad.
i can barely say that some people support more to society as for who they are than for what they can do.
when people see you, why do they recognize you, for who you are or for what you have done?

Hard, isn't it?
Because who you are influence what you do and people remember what you have done easily.
Live a life that will make them remember who you are then what you have done based in who you are.

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