Wednesday, June 15, 2011

King v/s Farmer

Gideon or king Leonidas. Which one would i like to be. I proud king who was defeated, or a farmer man following God's word?
Question is for whose glory one wants to live for?
It's hard to decide because the world tell us that we have to prove ourselves; we have to work hard and to show the world who the heck WE ARE.
But the thing is reality is different. i do not care who i am or what i have done. i care to whose glory i am living for. i chose to be the little farmer man and live hearing God's voice and be lead by Him.
One day king Leonidas will be forgotten, and Gideon's faithfulness will be remember, and  his name it is written in a book high in heaven.

Again, whose glory, mine or God's?

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