Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bible Verse Galatians 5:16

 "I say then: walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the just of the flesh." Galatians 5:16
This is a hard walk, and i have to fight it again my own temptations. i have to remember each morning to pry for holiness in my life, to make the right choice each moment, to say that i want to serve God, be like Jesus, and have communion with the Holy Spirit. i want to walk in the this all the day in all the days of my life.

It is hard; i was just a few minuted ago being temper by just lusting thoughts. i was like "wow, no! i gotta go somewhere. out of this sight." Now i am here back reading this verse and thinking to myself "what shall i do, how shall i proceed; my soul wants one thing and my body another."
They are two completely different and opposing things. One if for glory of the Lord when the other one if for human glory if at all you can call it glory.
i am too small to have glory, to dim in the huge existence of the universe.
My flesh has to be tamed, and i find it hard.

i pray for each morning to be a morning in which i can praise Him. i want to walk i am no longer a slave of sin, but still temptation will arise always. i am free and with the power of God i am able to defeat temptation. i can run and run toward the hands of God or i can run toward temptation hitting into sin.

Walk is a verb, and as a verb it means action. This one specifically is a constant action. When people walk with someone they normally walk next to each other, one does not walk before the other or behind the other. what is the purpose of walking like that. i understand if one is leading the way, but even with that those two can walk together and communicate to know where to go.

Walk with the Spirit that one will have Him next to us. Not too far behind that we loose track if Him, not too far ahead that we won't see where He is going or what is he doing.

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