Monday, June 13, 2011

Life, Gain, and Lost

Life can give to a human a lot of problems, a lot of happiness and also things to think about and feelings. What has life brought you? For me, i can say that life is unique and not fair but still very enjoyable. i have lost and gained so much that it would be a long post to put it in here. There was a big smile when Erwin was alive, there was a lot of tragedy and sadness after his death His presence.
i love God, and i thanks Him for the good stuff that life brought me, i thanks Him for His infinite wisdom and ability to teach me from the consequences of my own faults.
Like Job said once [i am paraphrasing] "would only expect good from God?"
i am not saying that is God who sent me the bad stuff, but since He is a just God the consequences of my disobedience will come to me eventually.
i have lost so many things, so many people, and so many good opportunities for my own stupidity.
i have gain so many good friends, a good family, experience when i did the good choices.
Here i am writing about the stuff i like, not my own life, experience that i have collected from me and from others.
Life comes with highs and lows. we make it harder than it really needs to be, and still we as humans want to complicate it even more. What do we do after it? Blame the one who is supposed to be blameless. Yes, we blame it on God.
i do not like to blame it on other people. i try to make myself guilty, but i recognize and from a word of my mom "in a relationship of two, both part has the same guilt for the break of the relationship." Paraphrasing since she said it on our own language. Translation is not as easy as it looks.
i recognize that sometimes i brought my own disgrace and my own "bad luck" [do not believe in luck, just coincidence].
Life ain't as bad as it looks, but it also ain't a pretty color.
Life has the color of reality which is sort of bittersweet, everything has a price.
i need to remember of the simple things in life the ones that really bring meaning to life.
Above all not living a life for me but for Someone Else.

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