Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's a Family Thing

It is hard for me to recognize my family, sometimes. i love them, but i am not the type of spending much time with them. yes it is a sad story. i have to say my family has been hit hard, very hard and every one of us have hidden in our own little world. we did not planned it; it just happened. it was hard and from that moment each one of us grow independently. it does affect us though, one might be looking for the guilt one, another might be laying on bed and not caring at all, one has not even realized about it, and i lie in the place to do not know what to do, look for change or just keep everything like that.
i want, now, to have a fair good relationship within my family. i know it is going to be hard. very hard, not impossible.
There must be something everyone of us has to do in order to change that.
There must be another option.
It is not late, there is still time.
We need to keep fighting. One day i will have my own family and i will fight for its unity, easiness, love, and strength.
i will not five up in this fight, i hope all of us will one day fight and realize how each one of us is fighting to reach this goal.

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