Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fountain of many wishes

This Beautiful fountain is located in the city of Concepcion. i took the picture for a photo contests. Funny Thing i submit them, but they never showed up to be voted for. it was sad. i save the picture and keep it on my cellphone to remember home, and the places i liked to walk when i wanted to think, pray, and just chill out. i wonder how is that little fountain doing, after the earthquake many things of my country fell down and got destroyed. i hope this fountain is still up. memories of this fountain bring me hope.
How many friends i meet in there? when i sat at the edge and see the gypsy's kids swimming and playing in it on summer.
how many people stood next to it to just spend time, the couples passed by hugging each other. mothers with their babies. The typical gentleman with the little hand made horse for the kid to take picture with.
Do not forget the many pigeons that flying around it, from one side to the other when someone threw some food, or just pop corns.
how many times i waited there for friends that did not showed up, but to see the faces of people, living their life with energy, happiness, and stress.
Common faces; faces that showed reality. Student with all their styles from EmO's to gothic, the punk, hardcore, "mateo," and normal. Friendship, love water and birds.
There is also a common character that we need to remember in there, and without him it might be quiet now, and not the same thing. The preacher. Always talking about Heaven and Hell, giving his voice to call people to repentance, giving always the voice of his faith.
how many times i judge him for scaring people, for not showing the God that i believe, God of love and compassion, God of mercy...
At least, that preacher was spreading the gospel. The Gospel of the God i love, in the city i also Love.
i wish one day i can do the same not only for that city i love, but for the people i care about.

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