Tuesday, June 28, 2011


i have not written because i have been busy, reading books, hanging out with friends in distress and just to have fun. i have not forgotten this place where i can put my head, but i can say that i am not the same as the one who started writing here.
There was a small twist in the direction of my life, i like it though, i was going to study for the GRE and i have not started yet. lol i need to check on that, second my house situation is getting some how tight but still better. There will be a place one and i will be happy. i have not been moody at all and that is for saying something!!!
i have realize that i have to love my friends and family just they way the are and not the idealized picture of them i created when i met them. See a lot of things have happened but i cannot find the words to describe them.
i was thinking about my future children, and still i have no candidate for mother hahahahaah.
Well that will come eventually there is something important and is called present, i have something else to focus now, and is the Will of God on my life. So many question but as i tweet the other day.
"i have realized that is not God whom i have to question, but me." H.S.
Yeah, sometimes we wonders so much about question God for what happens in out life that we forget that it might be the consequences of sin; our own bad choices or something else, and attack from the enemy. Locking us as Targets!
Well, i know that God is with me and nothing against me shal prevail.

See ya!!!

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