Sunday, June 5, 2011

Five Guys

i went to five guys with a friend. He did not know i am a chicken guy; i decided to go with them anyways. i look for a chicken menu and found nothing. i looked, and ask my  friend is there any chicken in here. He answered "no" and i was little disappointed for the fact i normally try to eat healthy.
i looked over the menu  once more and saw the  cheese burger. i asked for it. The cashier looked back at me and said what topics...
i went blank. i should have been used to the fact that there is always some sides or topic i can have for something.
So i answered back "what do you have?"
She pointed and i looked there were only two topics i liked.
"Lettuce and Tomato; and that's it." -- "Cup of water, please." -- "Thank you."
i sat with my friend and i wait for my order.
i got called and went to pick it up. i tasted it and i found love.
Since then, i normally go there, since my friend lives close to it, and normally we are hungry after 2.
i went there and last time i took a picture of my burger... it looked so cute...
it is the cutest burger ever if you got a Five Guys close yo your home or in your city, or withing 50 miles you should definitely do it, get into your car or a friends car or take one, call the cabs 911, or something just to get there.
you can always go there jogging, you will need some exercise to burn those calories, and make some hunger...
BTW i found the recipe for this deliciousness:
Ground beef...
that is ground beef.
it says also human sweat, but i think it might refer to hard work, human hard work.

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