Saturday, June 11, 2011

Silly Drinking Dog

My friends and i went to graduation party, one of ours friends' brother got graduated from High School.
we went and greet to whole family. There was this little silly female dog. It was cute for be a small dog. i have to clarify that small dogs and i do not mix up much, but well there is also exception to all rules. They were putting music by their X-Box 360. Paying attention to the music and TV singing aloud and we saw the dog drinking from one of their cups. Here is the picture.

Ain't it cute? Well gladly the cup had "H2O," water for the one who did not took chemistry. . . or fail it.
After listening to music we play Dance Central.
One of my favorite games in the X-Box 360, i want it badly but my wallet is smarter than i and tell me to do it way later when the prices go down.
i will need a flat screen too.
So there is a Christmas gift someone can give me.

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