Saturday, June 18, 2011


since i moved here, i have been in many dating sites. .lol. what a shame!!!! hahaha well i have learned a lot in there. Most people in those sites ask for a relationship with no drama. i agreed once i want a life with no drama, quiet, simple. i normally look for simple things in life that i can enjoy with the least drama possible. i also recognize that with no drama i shall not worry much. just waking up each day, go to work and head home, or church according to the day of the week. just chilling out in my life.
Boy! Girl! Wrong i was!!!!
If my life was with no drama, would really be a perfect life? not to worry about anything, just living, knowing that there is nothing to worry about. Now that i think of these it does sounds a little boring after a while.
i want drama in my life! i want to cry when things does not work, i want to be exited when things work. i want to be hungry on some days and i want to be satisfied others. i want to get hurt and heal, i want to be there when a friend needs it, i want a friend be there when i need it. i want life to hit me hard and i want it to treat me softly. i shall not trust in the monotonous of my life; i shall not trust in the security of my insurance [which is technically zero], neither in my studies.
Because if my life does not have hard moments i will not seek Him, if my life was plain each day and it would have no worries i would not try to get closer to Him. i want my life to get closer and closer each day and in each moment. i want my life to be drawn to Him. With tragedy i shall seek Him, with happy moments i shall be grateful to Him.
Adversity is the way God calls us when we have refused to listen with His soft words.
because i know there would be times in which i will not listen, i want adversity to be reminded that God has control and i depend on Him.

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