Saturday, June 18, 2011

Straight Answer

We were playing bowling and pool, with my friends and one asked my a few questions, since he is actually my friend's brother and we soon live together, i never gave him a straight answer. He did not like it, but it did not bother him. He just found it funny.
i wonder sometimes when i come to ask God for a few answers; He does never answer straight. i realized that neither i like to give straight answer. i have to say i did not get this from Yoda. i have to confess i have never seen star wars. i know Yoda and Dark Vader because they are the main characters... [?]
Well coming back to the topic, there is three reason of why i think God does not want to give us straight answers: How badly do we really need or want the answer, Faith, and value.

If God gives us the answer to everything we ask, were does faith fit in the world? what purpose would it have? There would be not much trust since the straight answer would change us the focus.

How bad do You want it.
Second part, if you want an answer so badly would you only ask for it once or more than once. it would push it to seek God more and more. We are humans we get what we need and then we walk away til we need more.
i created this blog because a friend told me to keep fighting for my dreams. i created and start fighting for my dream. He, then, asked me if i can give him my blog web address. i said no if he really wanted to know he would be able to find it [since i checked it on his computer, it was on the browser history]; a few days later, i give it to him. which bring us to my next point.

Third, there is no straight answer any more from me because if one really want to have something one would get it no matter what, and with no-straight answer he or she would fight even more.
If one gets things so easily, there will be no value for them. i mean in the way that that person has never put effort in something and think that everything in life should be easy. i had many relationships and i make them feel very bad,  broke their hearts, once, twice, three times. . . since it was easy for me to change from relationship to relationship i did not care much. i realized very late how bad i hurt them. Now, i want them to have their vengeance on me if they want it, i will not run from them.
Like David said "I will not take in offering to God something that did not cost me." well normally i would have put the bible verse, but did not find it. i might comment on another post.


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