Thursday, June 23, 2011

Healthy Eater

Salad at Beef 'O' Brady's.
Yes, sir i got a salad at this so tempting restaurant. i like to eat a burger time to time. i love five guys. i normally eat salad and all this happens due to my change in culture when i came here.
i normally do not eat meat the comes from cow, and pork. i eat chicken / turkey mostly, fish when there is, and time to time horse meat. i have never liked cow meat; it is hard for me to swallow it. i remember those days when my mom used beef or others cuts from the cow and i have to eat them i was like a minute chewing each bite, and still my throat could not get open to swallow it. it was very painful i needed concentration; it was like my brain and throat had to do an agreement: "Now you can!! ups!! Time's up! wait for the next alienation of the planets" my throat said [thankfully there is no Pluto now, i miss it though]. Well that explain my hate for cow meat, also i do not like pork because it is pork!! it has a lot of fat.
Since i reach puberty, i always wanted to get lean, not muscular, but lean. Being able to show muscle without being all bulky. i am small so it will not look good if i get all bulky. i got a membership in a gym when i was on seventh grade, the plan was to do some exercise to get taller even though people said it did not work. i know it worked. i would be way smaller. But during this period i got lean but there was something missing! a six pack. Yes, that was the only thing i was missing!! well i went to high school and i lose all that i have obtained on my eight grade. i became slim. not fat but soft. skinny soft.
it was not until i came here and i was able to start going to the gym that i became to get lean again and i strive for my desired six pack; reading a lot of magazines about it, feeling frustrated when i was not able to go to the gym for a while, and i thought i lost all my progress. it was hard, seeing in others people body the body i wanted .lol. [now that i read it; it sounds so silly and immature]. i learned that i have to eat more food with fiber, and also more "lean meat," which i call bird meat-chicken and turkey. i started eating more vegetables and more chicken, less fat and butter; i did more cardio and all that suff.
i have been doing this for so long that it is a habit going to a place and look at the salad menu. Time to time i get something else to eat a burger from "Five Guys " [water is meltin'] well i have to say i get hungry sometimes, like every other five days. So i went to "Beef 'O' Brady's" and got my salad. i am all sweaty because i did P90X, and dang it! i make me work a lot, i need a shower but i will do a few crunches on my Swiss ball.

Now, i am the owner of a kinda-sort-of-like a six pack...

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