Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mist in the Morning

There is a construction road close by my house; it is one of the roads i use. i have to take a detour and it bring me close to this lake, and one day there was mist above the lake. i got fascinated by it and shoot my cellphone. i was already stop since there was red light and i was several cars behind the light.
Here is the beautiful picture i choose to take.

i like the fact that one can barely see the other side of the bank. i enjoy the mist because it is a really cool place to hide and little by little being found. Also i like the thought of the mist and the Holy Spirit when in Genesis 1:2 talks about Him. Moving above the water. i thought it would look like there was mist above the water and the Spirit would walk, run, dance above it with a enormous quietness.
it is for me a very peaceful thought i use to calm myself when i feel alone.
Funny thing, when one walks into the mist or is already there. One can see nothing; one can see a few light down the road but it is still hard. it would be very depressing to feel alone in the mist since one gets wet and see not much. Even the sound changes when one is inside of it.
Hope you can appreciate it and enjoy the mist every time you see it and/or pass by it.

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