Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jokes, Bouncing Balls, and Pi (3)

Friends and i went to Zaxby's the other day. One thing i like of these restaurant or fast food places is the decoration. i enjoy it very much. So i decided to take some pictures of Zaxby's a traffic light.
Then in found this little dispenser machine just like the ones in the picture but round, and it has more round inside. Just, bouncing balls were inside. i remember the movie men in black II where the galaxy is in Orion's collar. This bouncing balls made me remember it. just because these little things look so familiar, and they are so cute. i used to put it on my mouth... .lol. i was silly, i meant sillier when i was a kid.

So i took two (2) pictures of it and decided to put them in here.

Then we went to eat, and a conversation about jokes and pi (3, i would put
but i like to round to the closest whole number, so it's 3 for me) made it here. We talked about favorite jokes, and i went blank. i do not posses favorite jokes. i know a few, very few of them. i mostly enjoy chemistry jokes, math jokes, and above all stats jokes. i do not share about this with anybody. It just happened that i decides share it with the whole world just now. i remember the last one. .lol.

    There is the Easter Bonny, Santa Claus, and a Happy Woman. They jump from a building. Who land first? . . . No one, those three are not real.

Joke courtesy of a friend. there would be no name for anybody, and many of names for anonymous.

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