Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time has passed, but nothing has changed.

Here i am again; a lot has happened that i can talk or in this case write. At most, i have read a few good books from which i need to make a reviews. Books books. My life has been the same, but i am learning to have a little more distance and be more independent in moments of solitude. It is hard now to be alone a not to think in a depresive way. i want to be a better person. i want to hang out with my friends but it is hard no to get independent; i chose to give opportunities, but not pushing them. if they want to take it they can if not. i will be no waiting i have waiting my whole life. Patience, i have, but i am tired of the things that people do; when they have questions or iquitudes, they should find them. They do not want to move, not my fault.
i thought the other day in one of my tweets:
There are options in life, you can complain and stay where you are or, you can find a change for your complainment. well that is, the receptionist is here i shall give place to her.

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