Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father, is a future for me.

i worry too much about that stuff, i want to be a good one. It's like i miss them already and i have not have them yet.
Father's day is getting closer and closer. i was thinking of being a good father and it has always been in my head since i was in high school. i want to be not just a good father but a father like Him.
There is a song written in my own language that says something like this:
"God, i want to be like You because he wants to be like me."
 That song has really touched my heart. i want to be a good father to my little children. funny fact his i have no even found the mother of my children. i am so worry about being the best father i can be and be the father my Father wants me to be.
It is hard when most of your family history count being alone and living in a place where you share just the last name. i have seen the family in which i was born falling apart.
i do not want that to my little children. i want to love them, and to hug them, to teach them, love be there for them, i want to make them happy, and show the way of the Lord. i want to be like the last bible verse i put.
i miss them already, even though i have not yet get the chance of meeting them.

is it like the Lord felt when he was creating me?
Feeling like this, missing someone who yes has to live.
God give me the strength to be like You and the Spirit to lead me because my children might want to be like me.

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